Hello, my name is Daniel Olszewski. Welcome to my blog.

As I’m a software developer, I write about topics related to the field of programming, mainly from a technical point of view. On this blog you’ll find posts which encourage discussion, information about development trends, case studies, reviews, tutorials, tips on how to improve your effectiveness, and anything else that might be fascinating to people from the IT industry.

My main area of interest is to expand the knowledge of how to create software that is highly valuable for users, fully satisfies the client, and is a source of pride, from an engineering perspective, to the team which builds it. We all know it’s not an easy task as almost every project requires tackling limitations in time, budget, quality, and the scope of work.

In my career, I had an opportunity to work in a small company, a corporation, in an office, and remotely from home. I cooperated with professionals, mid-level specialists, and juniors at the very first steps of their business life, both from local and international teams. My experience covers different business domains including telecommunication, transport, banking, and pharmaceutic. I always try to combine and apply the best I’ve learned from different environments. Currently I’m working as a remote software development contractor.

If you want to be up-to-date with the latest content you can find me on Twitter, G+, Linkedin, or use my RSS feed.

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